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7 Reasons Why Thousands of Dog Owners Swear By This Super Pet Meal Topper

"Pawsitive Vitals sets itself apart by consciously avoiding ocean-derived ingredients. Upholding the highest standards of pet health, evident in their rigorous testing procedures."

Summary: A revolutionary dog supplement, built for long-term health using human-grade ingredients.

1. Healthier Than Most Human Supplements

With ingredients that are difficult to find even in the best human supplements, we're taking pet nutrition where it's never been before.

"Some of the ingredients are actually ones I use everyday for myself"
- Pauline L.

2. Complete Health Multi-Targeting

Most dog products only focus on 1 aspect of health. Our Super Pet formula is an all-encompassing solution, saving owners the hassle of needing anything else.

"Instead of using 5 different products for my dog, now I only need to use 1"
- Tiffany T.

3. Vet-Certified, PhD Formulation

Our Super Pet formula was meticulously built by scientists and veterinarians. Each ingredient was specifically chosen for the most effective formula possible.

"We don't need regular vet visits, or expensive medication anymore"
- Jonathan P.

4. No Seed Oils, Microplastics or Toxins

The pet industry is riddled with cheap, low-quality products and our precious companions deserve better. We didn't cut any corners when it came to sourcing the absolute, purest ingredients in the world.

"Switching to Super Pet was a no-brainer. There isn't anything more pure than this"
- Teresa F.

5. Better Absorption For Maximum Results

Unlike all other dog supplements that are made as treats, our powder formula was built for the highest rates of absorption, for the best possible results.

"This is the only supplement thats made a real difference for my dog."
- Catherine R.

6. Reducing Vet Visits & Extending Life

Our mission is to extend dog's lives and reduce vet visits. This starts with creating a product so powerful, your dog won't need need anything else.

"Knowing every sale helps out no-kill animal shelters is AMAZING"
- Maria G.

7. Lab Tested For Purity, Potency and Toxicity

We wanted to leave no room for doubt, when it came to building the best possible product. Every single batch of Super Pet is tested for metals and microbials. (E. Coli, Salmonella, Yeast, Mold and Staph).

"Once my dog got used to the bacon flavor, she now can't get enough"
- Scott I.



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